How Yuval Brisker and TOA Technologies are solving the problem of wasting time

Yuval Brisker, co-founder, president and CEO, TOA Technologies

Yuval Brisker, co-founder, president and CEO, TOA Technologies

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Yuval Brisker

co-founder, president and CEO

TOA Technologies


It was in 2003 when Yuval Brisker co-founded TOA Technologies and began to deliver what would be a world-class software, ETAdirect, a cloud-based field service and customer experience management solution. Brisker and TOA co-founder Irad Carmi were the creators and innovators who took on the challenge of solving the common problem of having to wait for the cable installer.

TOA stands for time of arrival, and through the company’s innovative mobile platform, companies managing employees on the move can more effectively and efficiently determine when a service or product can be delivered.

In its infancy, the main obstacle facing TOA and Brisker was determining the optimal platform for the product to be delivered to customers. The focus was on building a unique application that did not require installation. The result was the one-of-a-kind Web-based service product operating in the cloud.

Today, TOA is a rapidly expanding global company that is primarily gaining in size through organic growth in two ways — geographically and vertically. The company has primarily focused on the cable and telecommunications industries in the past; however, it is now expanding into other markets such as utilities, insurance and any home-delivery based service market.

This rapid growth presents multiple challenges for TOA, specifically software version control. The company has stayed committed to a software solution that has the same basic application platform across all the various customer configurations, which allows TOA to simplify its product maintenance and keeps costs low. TOA is able to meet its customers’ needs by understanding how each does business and by understanding their processes. This then translates into a configuration specific to that customer.

Along with expanded growth comes the challenge of an increasing workforce. TOA has increased its workforce nearly 50 percent since last year. Brisker prides himself on the high level of employee retention the company boasts, which speaks to the successful culture he has fostered at TOA.

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