Jeff Levine helps BlueBridge Networks keep growing

Jeff Levine, President and CEO, BlueBridge Networks

The IT industry must strive to remain relevant in a rapidly changing market, while maintaining availability, reliability and security. Under President and CEO Jeff Levine’s leadership, BlueBridge Networks — a leading provider of custom business continuity services — has maintained operational excellence by responding to the needs of its customers.

Focused on uptime, quality and service, Levine and his team continue to add products and services aimed at providing a more complete, total solution for customers.

BlueBridge Networks has recently developed a partnership with Columbus’ BlueMile to offer a new service called the “bCloud.” A virtual cloud connecting the two services across their different data grids, bCloud protects a company or organization’s data in one area if a natural or unforeseen circumstance compromises the other geographic area.
Other BlueBridge services include: BlueHost, secure data center hosting, virtualization and cloud computing; BluePipe, dedicated Internet and network access; BlueSecure, managed network security; BlueStrategy, disaster recovery, business continuity and workgroup recovery; and BlueVault, managed storage solutions.
Levine’s dedication to protecting important and sensitive data information has been exemplified by his innovative efforts to create new products and services toward that end. He demands the same degree of innovation and excellence from BlueBridge employees and vendors, encouraging participation and idea sharing in meetings. The results of these efforts can be seen in the considerable growth of BlueBridge Networks, which is continuing at record pace into the company’s seventh year.
Levine’s company vision has also grown to include the implementation of environmentally friendly technology to promote sustainability. BlueBridge recycles cans, paper and plastic internally and aims to reduce its paper usage. The company is also exploring the use of recyclable energy sources as an alternative to fossil fuel-generated power for its data centers.

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