Juiced: How Bright Side Inc. catalyzed the accelerated turnaround of Jamba Juice

Increasing awareness, identifying the gap

Bright Side started with Adkins and the operations leadership team. Together, they defined the company’s current state, envisioned a future state and identified the gaps that kept them from achieving their aspirational targets. Then, leaders were asked to boldly look for the personal behaviors that kept them from achieving the desired future state. It was here that many on the leadership team became aware of their uninspiring leadership style and realized the need to re-establish their level of engagement with the work force. How can the store employees be expected to live the vibrancy of the Jamba brand if their leaders lacked energy?

Although unfamiliar and somewhat uncomfortable, Adkins and his team fully embraced this new behavioral imperative. They let their enthusiasm for the possibilities cascade through the business. Adkins wrapped every message to his store managers with intentional and genuine passion.

“The energy I was displaying was contagious,” Adkins says.

Simplifying the message 

They let this new vitality permeate not only the informal communications within the company but also the ”Excellence Program: Recipe for Inclusion,” the in-store operating manual. If the company leaders wanted their managers and store employees to behave differently, then they required a new behavioral model for communicating the message.

Using bold images and the vibrant essence of the brand, the operations team communicated tactical aspects of the turnaround strategy, which included new product launches, refined marketing messages and a reduction in store expenses. Visually, the company communicated its new action-oriented philosophy.