Making a difference

Health Science

Paul Johnson understands that one properly placed person can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Well before he became president and chief operating officer of DPT Laboratories Ltd., Johnson and his family worked as missionaries, traveling through Mexico helping underprivileged citizens. The experience gave him perspective and empathy — something he uses today.

So when Johnson joined DPT in 1993, his impact on the company culture was to implement systems that not only called for high performance but also demanded core values of integrity, dignity, perseverance and trust. These core values became the basis for any decision made, and DPT has even turned down a business opportunity because, while it fell within the legal guidelines of the business, it simply didn’t match the core value of trust.

Beyond that, Johnson further fleshed out DPT’s core ideology with the company’s core purpose of improving health and quality of life through innovation, technology and service. With this as the No. 1 goal, employees were able to more clearly understand their purpose within the organization. And, as part of that process, Johnson believes that every team needs an A player so that people are surrounded with good talent to help them focus on their own tasks.

With those practices in place, Johnson has been able to get his team to focus on key factors to ensure the company’s long-term strength. That focus has allowed the company to bring in more top talent, expand innovation and integrate a 2001 acquisition of a N.J.-based competitor.

All the while, Johnson has given the credit to his team. He may have seen firsthand how much affect one person can have, but he knows a good company is built through everyone trying to be that person making an impact.

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