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Don Mottinger, president, Superior Products LLC

In a fast-changing, global business environment, Superior Products LLC is among the growing number of manufacturing businesses looking to become leaner, faster and more efficient for customers.

Under the leadership of President Don Mottinger, the manufacturer and provider of logistics services has continued evolve in order to compete with low-cost competition from overseas. This means delivering customers more service with less cost. Through lean manufacturing practices, Superior Products has been able reduce its manpower needs by 46 percent over a decade, minimize waste and increase efficiency in operations.
Superior Products has implemented a number of initiatives to drive lean operations. One is using barcoding to track parts and automate data entry instead of doing it manually. This has saved employees time and increased operational accuracy to more than 99 percent by reducing errors in the manufacturing process.

Another lean practice that saves waste and cost for the company is its Durr EcoClean parts cleaning system. Developing and implementing the new system has helped Superior Products reduce water usage by 98.5 percent by increasing the quality and consistency in its cleaning process.

Automation and new technology are also saving time and money for the company’s customers. Superior Products stores all the operational data of customers on an internal intranet for employees to access remotely, so the company can stay responsive to more than 1,000 customers worldwide. The company has also developed a customer management system, which customers can use to efficiently manage inventory, logistics and orders around the clock.

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