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The most interesting story about Linda Girard is not that when she was a teenager, she was involved in a horrific accident and broke her neck. While that story is interesting to many, it’s not to Girard. Doctors informed her that she would not walk again, but she persevered, and today, she runs around the offices of Pure Visibility, Inc., a strategic integrator of Internet marketing services with headquarters in Ann Arbor.

Perhaps a more interesting story about Girard involves how she founded Pure Visibility a little more than five years ago and today is the CEO of a business that is a Google Analytics-certified consultant, a Google AdWords-certified company, a Google Web site Optimizer-authorized consultant, a Yahoo! Web Analytics consultant network member and an Urchin software-authorized consultant.

Part of the trick is to retain the joy and collegial atmosphere that was so present in Internet businesses during the 1990s and early 2000s. The Pure Visibility offices feature beanbag chairs, bright couches and a crystal ball. On the company Web site, Girard is listed as visionary and her co-founder, Catherine Juon, is listed as catalyst. Girard encourages her employees to develop their own titles, too, whether that might be “Optimizer Prime” or ROI maven, even director of happiness or magic maker. If employees are happy, customers are also happy.

The bottom line for Girard and Pure Visibility is to make clients as prevalent as possible on the Internet. The business is dedicated to growing their customers by connecting them to new qualified prospects online. They want to understand the distinct positioning of each customer, and they want to help others share their own interesting stories.

How to reach: Pure Visibility, Inc., (734) 213-8100 or