Taking a chance


While the United States was reeling from the Sept. 11 attacks in the fall of 2001, most would concede that it was probably the worst time to start a business. Despite this, Mark Wilson had a vision.

Having built a successful career running several Dun & Bradstreet call centers, Wilson faced the opportunity of a lifetime. D&B was planning to outsource its call centers, so he asked for a shot at the business, and D&B said yes. With that, Ryla Inc. was born.

Despite the situation facing the country, the souring economic climate and the lack of an actual call center, Wilson remained optimistic about moving forward. He believed that there was a strong need for high-quality customer contact services and, just as importantly, the need for long-term, quality employment opportunities for the entry-level work force.

Wilson delivered great results for D&B through a partnership with a Texas call center. In 2002, he opened up Ryla’s first call center and immediately faced his next obstacle: funding. He made many pitches and faced a lot of rejection, but his faith and family support were the cornerstones of strength that he stood upon during those hard times. Investment capital eventually allowed him to realize his dream.

Now, eight years later, Ryla is a success story against all odds. Over the last few years, Wilson, as president and CEO, has grown Ryla. In 2005, he opened the company’s current two-center facility. He also secured a few million dollars in growth equity capital, helping him to further solidify Ryla’s infrastructure and expand his leadership team. As a result, Ryla secured new blue-chip clients and created 1,500 full-time domestic jobs last year. As he looks forward, Wilson expects this growth trend to continue.

How to reach: Ryla Inc., (678) 322-5000 or www.ryla.com