The benefits of wind power and moving your business to Iowa

The State of Iowa is leading the way in renewable wind energy. Renewable wind energy is cost effective and environmentally friendly, and Iowa has the land — and the wind — needed to provide that energy.

Because of this, many companies are moving to Iowa to be more environmentally conscious — and to make their business dollars go farther.

The Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED) has many programs and services to offer individuals, communities, and business. The IDED strengthens economic and community vitality by building partnerships and leveraging resources to make Iowa the choice for people and business. For more information on the Iowa Department of Economic Development, visit

The Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development is designed to support the State of Iowa in its efforts to continue to attract and nurture wind energy and related industries. The Midwest in general, and Iowa in particular, is uniquely positioned to respond to the need for renewable energy and to take advantage of the opportunity in this growth industry. Iowa is at the heart of the nation’s wind resource and the gateway to renewable energy demand. For more information on the Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development, visit