The power of recognition


If you have ever attended an award ceremony, surely there was some aspect of an honoree’s background or achievements that inspired you. Perhaps their story encouraged you to work harder in pursuing your goals, to gather advice for overcoming obstacles or to learn new strategies for becoming a better leader in your workplace or community.

On many occasions I have left award ceremonies feeling more rejuvenated and determined to keep pushing on.

Before an honoree steps on stage to accept an award, someone has to take time to either nominate or select them for the honor. It’s time well spent publically acknowledging respect for their hard work, ingenuity and impact. An award program is a powerful way to bring individuals together to focus on what is working to move businesses and their entire community ahead.

On Oct. 2, 2015, Smart Business will debut our first Smart Women event in Columbus, Ohio. One of the primary aspects of the event is a unique award program to recognize progressive individuals and organizations that have achieved professional success or have made great stride in advancing women.

The award categories include:

  • Progressive Woman Award: Recognizes female executives or managers who have risen through the ranks in their career and overcome significant challenges along the way.
  • Progressive Organization Award: Recognizes organizations that support or promote women based initiatives, develop specific programs that provide opportunities for advancement or create family-friendly workplaces.
  • Progressive Entrepreneur Award: Recognizes female entrepreneurs who have either founded or co-founded a for-profit business that has achieved substantial growth within the last two years due to an innovative product or service.
  • Guy Who Gets It Award: Recognizes male executives who “get it” when it comes to women-related issues, either by championing initiatives within his organization, supporting women’s issues or promoting women’s professional development opportunities.

 Take time today to nominate an individual or organization who deserves to be recognized. The deadline for Smart Women Award nominations is June 26, 2015.

Download a nomination form for the 2015 Smart Women Awards