To build great relationships, you need to want more for people than you want from people

In this month’s column, we profile the fourth stage associated with the Adviser of the Future Continuum. At this level of contribution, you are known as a value accelerator to your clientele, extended network and internal organization.

This type of individual is recognized for making the complicated understandable by shining a light on what is both relevant and meaningful. Additionally, they possess a unique ability to collaborate across a wide spectrum of individuals by being relatable, authentic and credible.

They have the uncanny sense of recognizing and acting upon those value-creating opportunities that impact the client’s business.

In most cases, it is a relentless focus on contributing economic gain by findings ways to favorably impact the revenues, costs, profits, risk, human capital and business processes of the organizations they passionately serve. Additionally, these individuals possess the capability to quantify their impact and communicate their contribution without coming across as self-promoting.

Perceptive and resourceful
To illustrate how the “value accelerator” impacts others, I would like to highlight a recent example where being perceptive and resourceful yielded substantial impact for an organization that needed to replace a valuable position within the firm.

After having a casual conversation with one of the leaders of the business, he mentioned that a critical position needed to be filled. Unfortunately, the overall responses were somewhat underwhelming. This friend of the firm decided to immediately access his robust network and within 48 hours, was able to unveil two qualified candidates for consideration.

He went the extra mile of speaking briefly with each candidate and providing the appropriate level of insight before brokering a more formal introduction.

In speaking with this individual about this particular experience, he shared that it had been more than seven months since they had last spoken. He demonstrated such genuine interest in how the person and overall business was doing, that the owner unconditionally shared a number of personal and professional developments that had transpired. Given his value creation mentality, he asked in such a manner that disarmed any concerns about confidentiality and it was a natural conversation that emerged.

A sense of empowerment
For most individuals, this might seem like a daunting characteristic or attribute to adopt. However, when exhibiting this type of inquisitive and caring behavior, we feel a sense of empowerment. The key is demonstrating a willingness to take action in a mindful manner that creates distinction.

The lesson learned is you cannot increase your relationship capital unless you value people. To build great relationships, you need to want more for people than you want from people.

I’ll close with a quote from Albert Einstein that captures the essence of how the value accelerator views the world: “Try not to be a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

Marc Rosen is co-founder at The Client Experience Institute and president of The Vector Group LLC.