Toward a safer workplace

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation offers numerous programs to help employers control costs and maintain safety.

  • Premium discount incentives to penalty-rated employers for creating safe work environments and reducing workplace accident rates.
  • A program for employers to pay the first $1,000 of employees’ medical-only claims.
  • Incentives for employers who create a safer and more cost-effective workplace by establishing a substance-free environment.
  • The Safety Grants for Education, Assistance and Research program to defray costs of instituting the bureau’s Drug-Free Workplace Program and of research and prevention of repetitive stress disorders.
  • Consultations in ergonomics, industrial hygiene, safety, occupational safety loans, occupational safety incentives and sample written programs required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  • Safety councils that hold regular meetings to examine and resolve safety concerns.
  • Safety campaigns to promote greater interest in the prevention of occupational accidents and disease.
  • Awards for various improvements in workplace safety.
  • A training center with tuition-free classes, seminars and workshops in industrial and construction safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and the administration and management of safety and health programs.