A.J. Hyland, president and CEO, Hyland Software

A.J. Hyland, president and CEO, Hyland Software

WINNER: Technology

A.J. Hyland, president and CEO of Hyland Software, spurs on the company by creating a culture of innovation, encouraging every employee to innovate in actionable ways.

But Hyland doesn’t just encourage his employees to innovate – he practices what he preaches. Recently, he had the choice to bring an innovative solution to market versus funding another, more predictable initiative. Demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit in the face of uncertainty, he chose to innovate.

Hyland’s philosophies regarding customer service, employee satisfaction, product quality and innovation each share a commitment to excellence that requires significant risk but has proven to deliver great rewards for Hyland Software.

As a result of the innovative culture Hyland has created, Hyland Software is constantly developing new solutions and functionality. With consistent new software releases and solution enhancements, OnBase, its enterprise content management software, is always growing to meet users’ needs and evolving to exceed their expectations. Hyland stresses the importance of remaining focused on the company’s customers by providing value while still making its options affordable.

Hyland’s plans for future growth include diversifying Hyland Software’s revenue so it can create a long-term, stable environment to grow its business. Plans center on enhancing its vertical market expertise, leveraging its existing customer base, delivering exceptional customer care, extending its indirect channel, building its international presence and expanding its suite of solutions.

Hyland also plans to continue the company’s 20-year history of corporate responsibility. In February, Hyland Software raised more than $75,000 for a Cleveland-based nonprofit to furnish 12 classrooms with the technology they need. This effort aligns with Hyland’s corporate responsibility mission to enable children to learn more efficiently through funding technology and marks the largest employee fund-raising campaign in Hyland Software history.

How to reach: Hyland Software, www.hyland.com.