Inside out

Stay on track

There still needs to be checks and balances from the top down to
make sure everyone stays on track toward your company’s goals.

“When people set goals and objectives or look at improving
processes, they tend to lose focus,” O’Connor says. “We’ll put a team
together to look at driver check-in or container delivery in our case
of improving pricing. If not managed properly and put in the right
perspective, what happens is they start to re-engineer the whole corporation around the initiative. One of the key focuses here is to keep
the process limited.”

Senior management always has a role in implementing key initiatives and keeping that implementation on track through regular

“What we try to do is bring field and corporate and regional expertise together on a topic that we believe is an important topic to one of
the three constituencies,” O’Connor says. “We’ll bring a team of people together. Senior management will already have scoped the
process and tried to define it. We’ll ask the work group first to evaluate that scope to determine if they think it’s appropriate or there is
something that was missing. We’ll come back in as senior management and bless this team’s new scope or amended scope. Then we let
them have at it.”

Provide clear direction to your people about how long they have
to accomplish the initiative. Schedule periodic meetings with the
team leaders to get updates and assess if there are any problems.

“Keep the processes limited,” O’Connor says. “We’re looking at
pieces of the entire order-to-cash process, whether they are operational, financial, or sales and marketing. We’re trying to take pieces
of those and we’re trying to get focused on those pieces and trying
to keep the collaborative group focused on that particular piece of
the process. Then we move on to another process.”

Whatever the type of industry or the process that you are assessing, the basics remain the same.

“What we’re looking at is various tools to evaluate the marketplaces and what are the dynamics in those marketplaces that we
need to be aware of so we can achieve the goals and objectives and
set them appropriately in the marketplace,” O’Connor says.

The goal of any organization should be to develop a structure
where everyone knows what is expected of them and feels they
have a means of asking questions and discussing problems.

“That gives people trust if they believe the organization has a high
degree of integrity,” O’Connor says. “That gives people peace of
mind that they know where they are at and they know what to

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