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Shareholder value today is based on growth. Information Technology companies seeking to accelerate this value use acquisitions as a way to quickly increase market share, expand their geographic footprint, acquire talent, realize cost efficiencies, and generate tax gains.

This curated marketplace, powered by IT ExchangeNet is an organized and efficient marketplace for IT companies with enterprise values of less than $25M seeking mergers and acquisitions. By pairing pre-qualified buyers with middle-market sellers from around the world, we facilitate M&A transactions.

Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together

IT ExchangeNet works with information technology companies focusing on Software and Software as a Service (SaaS) , Managed and Cloud Services, IT Services,  and Big Data, IT Security, IT Supply Chain, Value Added Resellers, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

BUYERS. For an overview on the assets for sale, click on the alias company name below (e.g., SBN-235 UX Design). If you are interested in learning more, Diana will make an introduction to the CEO/Founder: [email protected].

SELLERS. If you are interested in selling your IT-enabled business, contact Madeline, who can outline our process and provide more details on our results: [email protected].


SBN-370 Microsoft Shop

This Company provides seamless implementation, training, design, and support for leading accounting software products from Microsoft, Intacct, and Unanet. Boasting strong recurring revenue streams and consistent annual growth, this firm provides a high level of service to many non-profit organizations, professional services, education, medical associations, and a wide variety of commercial entities.

Headquarters: Northeastern, U.S.
2017 (E) Revenue: $5.5M
2017 (E) EBITDA: $0.35M


SBN-375 Salesforce Shop

Founded in 2006, this Company is a leading Salesforce Cloud CRM & ERP applications solution provider offering consulting, optimization, and implementation services to SMBs globally. The firm delivers comprehensive cloud-based solutions to integrate core business processes, including accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), professional services automation, and HR.

SBN-340 Boutique ERP + Managed Services

This managed services consultancy has deep subject matter expertise and a proprietary process that improves customer operational efficiencies and reduces costs. The Company services clients throughout the U.S. and has posted steady, organic annual growth.

Headquarters: Southwestern, U.S.
2016 (E) Revenue: $5.39M
2016 (E) EBITDA: $0.73M

SBN-260 IT Integration + Solutions

With $3.2M in revenue, this cross-border IT services business provides enterprise solutions in SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. The Company has the only SAP certified cloud app that is designated for customers running Google Apps and SAP CRM, ERP or C4C. Listing more than 30 customers, the firm markets Amazon Web Services to SAP customers and offers an integrated managed services product.

Headquarters: Southwestern, U.S.
2016 (E) Revenue: $3.0M
2016 (E) EBITDA: $0.5M

SBN-190 Managed Services

This Company is a cloud and internet service provider with unmanaged and managed services for bare-metal dedicated server hosting, cloud and virtual servers, co-location, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Headquarters: Southwestern, U.S.
2016 Revenue: $18.7M
2016 EBITDA: $0.25M

SBN-1-110 E-Commerce Solutions

The Company provides IT solutions and services and is a fast growing e-Commerce solution provider focusing on network security and related products and services. With an award-winning team of product engineers, the company has a CAGR of 27% and sells product through more than 150 of their own websites.

Headquarters: Western U.S.
2017 (E) Revenue: $61.0M
2016 (E) EBITDA: $2.6M


SBN-225 Online Education

The Company specializes in the creation of accredited, online video training and mentoring solutions that enable IT professionals to learn the knowledge to become certified and the practical skills to quickly become a valuable contributor in an enterprise best practice program.

Headquarters: Southeastern, U.S.
2016 (E) Revenue: $1.5M
2016 (E) EBITDA: $0.51M


SBN-325 Patented Software Solutions

The Company is a $2.5M developer of B2B eCommerce, mobile and catalog software solutions. The firm’s patented solutions can be customized to meet the needs of online marketplaces, with additional services offered such as website design, catalog production, outsourcing, content development, hosting, and support.

Headquarters: Midwest, U.S.
2016 (E) Revenue: $2.54M
2016 (E) EBITDA: $0.18M

SBN-270 IT Reseller

The Company is a Procurement and Third Party Maintenance Service provider based in the Midwest region of the United States servicing end-user computing devices for the K-12 market sector. The Company is a leader in Chromebook implementations and has built a loyal client base with long-term agreements that ensure sustainable revenue. Approximately 75% of the business is comprised of hardware sales and 25% is extended warranty agreements.

Headquarters: Midwest, U.S.
2017 (E) Revenue: $13.0M
2017 (E) EBITDA: $1.25M


SBN-335 Big Data

The Company is a $3M ACH Origination and Processing firm that provides an array of services, including remote deposit and Check 21 solutions, ACH Risk Management, Third Party ACH processing, NSF item recovery, verification services and developer solutions.

Headquarters: East Coast, U.S.
2016 (E) Revenue: $3.0M
2016 (E) EBITDA: $0.60M


SBN-235 UX Design

Globally recognized provider of user experience (UX) design solutions. With more than 70 enterprise customers and offices in Asia, United States, and Europe, they provide a sustainable, scalable, and systematic offering of UX design, advisory, training, and management consulting.

Headquarters: Global Locations
2017 (E) Revenue: $12.0M
2017 (E) EBITDA: $1.2M


SBN-275 Staff Augmentation + Managed Services

The Company is a technology services business specializing in software development, staff augmentation, testing, and infrastructure management. With a stellar industry reputation for attracting the top 1% of all IT professionals in Argentina, the Company receives more than 40,000 applicants each year. Since its founding in 2009, this Company has built a team of more than 250 professionals, servicing clients like Google, Panasonic, Thomson Reuters, Viacom, and some of the fastest growing global startups. The Company provides onsite and near-shore engineering services to companies in the US, Canada, and Europe. Its proprietary staffing technology allows this Company to create high performance teams faster and more efficiently than its competitors.

Headquarters: Argentina
2016 (E) Revenue: $15.0M
2016 (E) EBITDA: $4.5M