Labor of love

Find people who believe

Catalfumo realized he needed more people to take his business
where he wanted it to go, but they had to be the right people or it
wouldn’t work.

“The people you hire need to believe in the same vision that you
do,” Catalfumo says. “Without that, there’s not a whole bunch more
you can do for the business.”

Job candidates at Catalfumo are put through several interviews.
This provides an opportunity to gain several perspectives on the person and make a stronger determination as to whether they would be
a good fit in the company.

Catalfumo uses a points system to rate applicants and their capability to perform a particular job. He also often tells candidates that
there is more than one position available that the company is looking to fill.

“Some people would come to an interview thinking they are going
to be a project manager and only would score an 80 or an 85,”
Catalfumo says. “But we put them in development and they can
score 100.”

There are times when it doesn’t take a whole lot of analysis to figure out whether a person is going to mesh with your organization.

“I can usually tell within one or two minutes of the interview
whether the chemistry and passion is there,” Catalfumo says. “It’s
the way they talk and their body motions.”

The leader’s attitude and persona also can play a role in figuring
out who you should hire by watching their reaction to you. If a
prospective employee does not seem to gel with his or her attitude
about the business, Catalfumo doesn’t want that person working at
his company.

“Either they believe in you or they can critique you to get better,”
Catalfumo says. “If they don’t believe in your vision, they don’t need
to be in your company. There is always another job for them. It
would be hell if you were the general and all the soldiers didn’t want
to believe in going over the hill or didn’t take their rifle.”

Employees want to know who they are working for, and they want
to know what they are being hired to do. Just as Catalfumo brought
his managers along slowly, instructing them about his vision, he
expects these managers to maintain a presence and do the same for
the new batch of employees.

“There is nothing better than to mentor them into what you expect
them to be to help you so you can free up some of your plate to do
more,” Catalfumo says.

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