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Provide feedback

Once you’ve got everyone engaged in the plan, you can help
keep the momentum going by providing feedback for a job well

“You can never compliment somebody too much, assuming that
it’s an honest compliment,” Mendelson says. “You don’t want to give
flattery, which is not honest. If you tell somebody, ‘Great, great,
great,’ but they are really doing a lousy job, they know that you are
lying to them. They are just going to say, ‘He’s just blowing a lot of
smoke.’ But if somebody is doing a good job and you pat them on
the back and tell them, ‘You did a fantastic job. This is a great result
that you got,’ they are going to like that. It’s very important to compliment them.”

A kind word and a pat on the back can be just as valuable as a pay
raise in the long run.

“Incentives could be financial,” Mendelson says. “But I think quite
honestly, more important is a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of
teamwork and a feeling of camaraderie.

“If somebody is not happy in their work surroundings and they
don’t really like the job and they don’t like their fellow team members, even though you pay them a lot of money, they are really not
going to be very happy. … The best solution is having a happy team
member because the team member goes home and feels fulfilled
and feels he accomplished something.”

Positive feedback is important when a mistake has been made,
as well.

“You try to explain to them, ‘Charlie, I had confidence that you
would do this, but you sort of let me down. Let me show you
what the problem is,’” Mendelson says. “You try to show them
what they did incorrectly and give them an opportunity to do it
right the next time.”

If you provide regular, honest feedback and keep your employees involved in all aspects of your company’s operation, chances
are they’ll feel good about their place at your company.

For HEICO, the emphasis on employee engagement in developing a new focus on aircraft parts has paid off. In fiscal 2000, net
sales were $202.9 million. In fiscal 2007, that number reached
$507.9 million.

But Mendelson says one of the keys to succeeding in business is
to not focus on the potential financial reward.

“When I told my father I would like to be a successful businessman and make a lot of money and I said, ‘How do I do that?’ he
said, ‘Just do what you love to do,’” Mendelson says. “Do it the best
way you can, apply yourself, dedicate yourself, ignore the financial
reward, and that will come automatically. If somebody is motivated to do something, if they are excited to do it and they really focus
on it, they will succeed, whatever it is.”

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