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Akron Community FoundationAkron Community Foundation vs. the largest wealth transfer in U.S. history

Akron Community Foundation responds to concerns that next-generation philanthropists might not have home in mind.

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Akron Community Foundation vs. the largest wealth...

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Smart Culture AwardsGreat culture: The foundation of your success

Culture is arguably the biggest marketing tool for enticing candidates to join your business. It also happens to be fundamental to business success.

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Great culture: The foundation of your success

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Gervasi VineyardFrom family getaway to resort destination, Gervasi Vineyard grows by listening

Growing from a family retreat to a resort destination that hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually happened by listening to, and acting on, the suggestions of others.

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From family getaway to resort destination, Gervasi...

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National Interstate Insurance Co.National Interstate’s new headquarters is a monument to workforce development

National Interstate’s new headquarters may look like just any old building from the outside. But inside, it’s designed to make the specialty auto insurer an employer of choice in Northeast Ohio.

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National Interstate’s new headquarters is a monument...


How to choose strong trademarks and protect them

Brouse McDowell's Suzanne Bretz Blum offers advice on how companies can ensure their trademarks are strong and the mark’s value is protected.

How to better understand, affect your corporate culture

Westfield Bank's Nellie Rodman looks at the role of corporate culture, and how organizations can monitor the impact on their corporate health.

How technology is helping people scan smarter, not harder

Scanning documents is still a considerable part of business workflow. Blue Technologies' Lauren Hanna discusses the multifunction printer features that can help optimize your scanning productivity.

A look at the decisions that go into funding large capital purchases

Westfield Bank's Krista J. Dobronos talks about the options manufacturers have to fund large capital purchases.

How workplace culture props up wellbeing initiatives, and vice versa

Gallagher's Joe Roberts talks about how to empower a healthy workforce by helping employees better manage stress.

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