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Cars.comMitch Golub and changed the way we buy cars changed the way we buy cars.

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Mitch Golub and changed the way we buy cars

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PwC USJim Kolar gives people a loud voice at PwC, and it’s enabled the firm to transform...

Why you need to go above and beyond to show employees you want to hear from them.

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Jim Kolar gives people a loud voice at PwC, and it’s...

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Sagent PharmaceuticalsJeff Yordon thrives under intense scrutiny, and helps his team at Sagent...

He brushed aside the doubters and built a business that saves lives around the world.

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Jeff Yordon thrives under intense scrutiny, and helps...

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Coeur Mining Inc.Mitchell J. Krebs saw beyond the numbers to identify changes needed at Coeur Mining

Mitchell J. Krebs had a plan to transform Coeur Mining Inc. into a business ready to maximize its opportunities to grow.

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Mitchell J. Krebs saw beyond the numbers to identify...


A look at what you need to think about when considering an ESOP

Work with a professional that possesses the expertise to lead a company through the ESOP adoption process, as well as the share sale process.

How to ensure you choose the right person to improve your legal case

Expert witnesses are frequently used in the courtroom by attorneys. While many qualified experts exist, the “right” expert can greatly assist counsel and the litigation with his or her testimony. An expert witness can offer testimony about a scientific, technical or professional issue in a court case. Finding the right expert is often a difficult […]

How to manage risk and counter crises with a corporate response plan

The goal of any incident response is to minimize the impact of the negative event on the organization’s objectives. This involves responding to the incident as quickly and efficiently as possible, making good decisions to limit further damage and repairing any damage that has been done. In order to accomplish this, an organization should have […]

How an experienced investigator performs background due diligence

When trying to learn about an individual, many companies turn to online background checks. However, this could be a mistake as much of the available information may not be fully verified, which is why many businesses turn to a licensed investigator to help provide a more complete and accurate picture.

How enterprise risk management can impact a company’s value

An enterprise risk management (ERM) process involves identifying risks relative to an organization’s objectives, assessing them for likelihood and impact, developing a response strategy and monitoring progress. A well-defined enterprise management process framework can protect and create value for organizations and their owners.