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First Interstate PropertiesIt’s more than just a development project for Mitchell Schneider

It’s the ability to make things happen and make his community a better place for everyone that drives and motivates him.

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It’s more than just a development project for...

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Squire Patton BoggsFred Nance has built a career on resolving conflict

Fred Nance grew up in Cleveland during a time of great social unrest. It was the late 1960s and riots raged against the slow pace of civil rights development. Nance watched and then made a plan to do what he could to make the world a better place.

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Fred Nance has built a career on resolving conflict

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Cleveland ClinicCleveland Clinic’s new CEO is poised to confront health care’s greatest threats

Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic conveys a sense of the calm, the strength, the wisdom and the leadership he will need to lead the Cleveland Clinic into the future.

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Cleveland Clinic’s new CEO is poised to confront...

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AncoraFred DiSanto’s passion to win runs deep

Close friends describe him as wicked smart, tenacious and extremely talented. Fred DiSanto uses his extraordinary gifts to win and help others do the same.

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Fred DiSanto’s passion to win runs deep


The new revenue recognition standard: Don’t try this without a safety net

Soon, it will be easier for users of financial statements to compare companies. But as this new revenue recognition standard comes on line, there may be some growing pains for businesses, says Ciuni & Panichi's George Pickard.

Tips for self-employed small business owners on purchasing a home

Buying a home can be overwhelming for anyone, especially when it’s the first time going through the process. For small business owners, there are added challenges that may arise, says Northwest Bank's Spencer Reid.

User feedback is the linchpin of this new website development process

Growth Driven Design is a new concept that sprung out of the inefficiency associated with developing a website. The process can be fraught with frustration as launch dates come and go and budgets are exceeded without much to show for the effort. Skoda Minotti's Bob Goricki has tips to make the process easier.

Commercial drones are increasingly popular, but there are risks

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are being effectively deployed in many commercial applications across a swath of industries. But before companies can use UAVs to help solve problems, they need to be able to identify operators who understand the rules governing drone flight, says Tri-C Chief of Police Clayton A. Harris.

Reduce your parcel shipping expenses through software

Parcel delivery is more than shipping packages on time. There are elements of auditing and contract negotiation that when applied diligently can recover hidden savings, says AMWARE's George W. Reyes.