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Revving upRicart Automotive lays a framework for the future with an improved culture

The third generation puts its stamp on Ricart Automotive with a focus on culture, while CEO Rhett Ricart helps his family find the right roles to keep the business successful.

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Ricart Automotive lays a framework for the future with...

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Thinking biggerJim Ziminski looks to innovation while empowering the Crane Renovation Group staff

The president believes in looking for ideas from outside of your industry and giving your employees room to spread their wings.

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Jim Ziminski looks to innovation while empowering the...

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Big DealThe impact of M&A and why you can’t ignore it

The world of M&A is critical for business owners — even if they’re not actively looking to buy or sell. Executives, serial entrepreneurs and advisers who handle transactions every day discuss the role of mergers, acquisitions and dealmaking in business today.

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The impact of M&A and why you can’t ignore it

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A silver liningCindy Monroe finds the opportunities in adversity at Thirty-One Gifts

Cindy Monroe resets Thirty-One Gifts and rallies the team after stall to create a stronger future.

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Cindy Monroe finds the opportunities in adversity at...


2020 vision: Are you secure? Do you have a workplace of the future?

Business technology trends and what they may mean for the future of your operations in 2020, from Blue Technologies' Eric Thal.

Knowing your company’s advantages adds value when it’s time to sell

Steve Ford, director at Brady Ware Capital, shares how a clear understanding of a company’s value drivers can help owners prepare their business for a sale.

Planning strategies for your business and you

Now is the time to think about 2019 tax planning — before you find yourself in a year-end scramble, says Jane Pfeifer of Clark Schaefer Hackett.

Quality of earnings: a unique perspective on a business

If you're exploring a possible sale of your business, first think about how your business will look to potential buyers through the lens of a quality of earnings report, says Thomas G. Wolf at Brady Ware & Company.

Don’t let HR departments labor over employee paperwork

Enterprise content management software can help HR be more efficient and reduce errors by optimizing the hiring process. Ben Simms of Blue Technologies explains how.

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