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2021 Columbus Smart 50 Awards

Congratulations to the Columbus Smart 50 Awards honorees!

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2021 Columbus Smart 50 Awards

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Ethos CapitalEntrepreneur Bobby George is ready for much bigger things

Bobby George, founder and CEO of Ethos Capital, is applying the lessons he's learned as an owner and investor in a range of ventures to get to a place where he can really think big.

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Entrepreneur Bobby George is ready for much bigger...

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City BarbequeRick Malir delegates, defers and deals his way toward 100 City Barbeque restaurants

How City Barbeque plans on reaching its private-equity-backed goal of more than 100 restaurants and a national footprint.

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Rick Malir delegates, defers and deals his way toward...

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RockbridgeMultiple market disruptions have prepared Jim Merkel and Rockbridge for anything

Jim Merkel and Rockbridge have taken lessons from crises to create a system that gives the company a competitive advantage when the market is upended.

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Multiple market disruptions have prepared Jim Merkel...


Opportunities to leverage value in your employee health plan

Gallagher's Vince Giacalone looks at the challenges companies are facing with their health insurance plans, and the strategies to proactively address them.

Critical factors to consider to maximize value in a sale

Brady Ware Capital's Jeff Powell and Stephen Ford examine critical factors that can help increase the valuation of your business as you begin to plan your exit.

Cyberthreats, compliance expected to challenge businesses

Blue Technologies' Majdi Ayoub about cyberattacks, compliance updates that will affect many businesses, and how managed services professionals can prepare organizations to handle both.

How to manage your sales and use tax obligations

Clark Schaefer Hackett's Stephen Estelle outlines some of the ways companies can keep up with their sales and use tax obligations.

Document solutions for an increasingly remote workforce

Blue Technologies, Inc.'s Curtis Verhoff looks at technology solutions that facilitate information sharing, as well as how to work with a technology partner to identify and fill gaps created in the abrupt shift to remote work.

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