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United for our communities2020 Pillar Award for Community Service

Central Ohio is home to extraordinary organizations that uplift the region, building a stronger, healthier and more vibrant community. Here are their stories.

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2020 Pillar Award for Community Service

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Learn. Adapt. Repeat.Continental Office and Ira Sharfin stick to their strengths

The CEO helps position Continental Office for the future as the organization gets larger, deeper and better at saying no.

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Continental Office and Ira Sharfin stick to their...

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Revving upRicart Automotive lays a framework for the future with an improved culture

The third generation puts its stamp on Ricart Automotive with a focus on culture, while CEO Rhett Ricart helps his family find the right roles to keep the business successful.

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Ricart Automotive lays a framework for the future with...

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Thinking biggerJim Ziminski looks to innovation while empowering the Crane Renovation Group staff

The president believes in looking for ideas from outside of your industry and giving your employees room to spread their wings.

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Jim Ziminski looks to innovation while empowering the...


How to prepare your business for an uncertain tax future

Brady Ware's Matthew M. McKinnon explains what’s tripping up companies in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and how they should prepare for federal changes, should there be any.

How to secure your organization and intellectual property

As companies use technology to do more with less, they become more vulnerable. Ben Simms at Blue Technologies talks about the growing concern of security.

How to deliver a great customer experience

Competing in a crowded marketplace requires delivering customer experiences that differentiate your brand, says Ben Stormer of g2o. Here are ideas for how companies can improve customer engagement.

Recover your capital investment more quickly through cost segregation

Virtually everyone who owns, constructs, renovates or acquires a commercial (or residential) real estate facility stands to benefit from a cost segregation study. Clark Schaefer Hackett's Kathy Pugh and Chris Bzinak discuss how.

2020 vision: Are you secure? Do you have a workplace of the future?

Business technology trends and what they may mean for the future of your operations in 2020, from Blue Technologies' Eric Thal.