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The Habit Restaurants LLCIt’s about evolution, not revolution at The Habit Restaurants

How Russ Bendel has taken a successful burger restaurant and made it even better.

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It’s about evolution, not revolution at The...

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Local Corp.Fred Thiel instills an open culture at Local Corp. in order to stay ahead of the...

Fred Thiel set a tone when he took down the wall in his office.

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Fred Thiel instills an open culture at Local Corp. in...

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Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.Pet owners were looking for more from VPI and Scott Liles knew just how to make it...

He has developed a new business model that provides new ways to care for your pet.

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Pet owners were looking for more from VPI and Scott...

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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Orange County Awards

Since 1986, EY has celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit of men and women who have followed and achieved their dreams, changing […]

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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Orange County...


The VC market is taking a pause, but the future still looks bright

VC investments reached a 15-year high last year as the sector capitalized on the relative weakness of other markets. But what goes up must come down again at some point and VC investing has slowed down in 2016. At the same time, there is still a great deal of capital available to be invested when the right opportunity presents itself.

During times of economic volatility, your bank can be a great partner

Financial institutions operate at the heart of our economic system and as such, are hyper-aware of market indicators and trends that can affect the credit quality of their customers. The more opportunities you have to keep your banker up to speed on what’s going on in your business, the better equipped he or she will be to work on your behalf.

Know your operating cycles and you’ll find working capital easier to manage

When you understand your operating cycle and how money is spent and earned in your business, you are better able to retain control of your valuable working capital. Michael Hengl explains what strong companies do to effectively manage their financial cycles.

Be aware of the warning signs to potential violence in the workplace

An increasing number of workplace tragedies in recent years have involved an active shooter. Those who acknowledge this threat tend to focus on things like securing their entrance with key cards or installing security cameras. While these are good steps to take, they don’t always address the biggest gap in preparedness.

How to get back on track

Biotech and life sciences companies are big business in today’s economy, but getting off the ground and beyond the early-stage growing pains can be a challenge.