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Scale upTim Wallace guides iPipeline through rapid growth

Taking a $8 million company and growing it by more than 400 percent in six years is no small feat. But leading companies through tremendous growth and subsequent profitability is Tim Wallace’s career specialty.

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Tim Wallace guides iPipeline through rapid growth

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Digital integrationLiquidHub connects health care, financial services firms to their customers

By adjusting strategy to address market demand, LiquidHub has doubled annual sales in the last three years and was named one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes.

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LiquidHub connects health care, financial services...

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www.woz.orgSteve Wozniak never stopped innovating and helped Apple become king of computers

Steve Jobs was a visionary and a dreamer who could pitch an idea while Steve Wozniak was content to be an engineer all his life. Together, it defined Apple.

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Steve Wozniak never stopped innovating and helped...

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Source4TeachersJeff Fox develops leaders at Source4Teachers by starting with the right hires

J. Jeffrey Fox, CEO and managing member of Source4Teachers, stays plugged into the job market looking for outside talent, while assessing his internal team, too.

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Jeff Fox develops leaders at Source4Teachers by...


How new Department of Labor guidelines will affect unpaid internships

Joseph Fluehr, an attorney at Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC talks about about the new Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines and how they affect unpaid internships.

Identifying, understanding fraud is the first step in its prevention

To determine whether a company is at risk for fraud or mismanagement, business leaders need to move their thinking from “outside the box” to “inside the fraud triangle.” Recognizing the key attributes and influences of fraud provides a baseline for addressing the risk of fraud in your organization, says Elizabeth Pilacik, director of Audit & Accounting at Kreischer Miller.

Is your company prepared to respond to claims of sexual harassment?

Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia's Michael J. Torchia explores sexual harassment policies: how a company should prepare to respond ahead of any allegations, and the role attorneys play in the event of an emergency.

Implement Enterprise Risk Management to survive disaster

Kreischer Miller's Brian Sharkey talks about the impact of ERMs on companies’ continuity and value.

Understand the differences between incentive, non-qualified stock options

Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia's Jill M. Bellak shares the differences in the two types of stock options, and how to avoid missteps in granting options to employees and non-employees.