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Hoddy Hanna’s rules for acquisitions has Howard Hanna making bold moves

Howard Hanna wins the hearts and minds of an acquired company before making changes. This is just one of the M&A lessons the company — and Hoddy Hanna — has learned.

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Hoddy Hanna’s rules for acquisitions has Howard...

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American Textile Co. develops new products, grows to new heights

In its 92 years, American Textile Co. hasn’t made a single acquisition. The third generation of this family business, Lance and Blake Ruttenberg, explain how this organic growth has come through product development and innovation.

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American Textile Co. develops new products, grows to...

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Leroy M. Ball steers Koppers in a new direction with transparency

Over three years of Leroy M. Ball’s leadership, Koppers went from questions about whether the company would survive to its most profitable year yet. Learn what it took to engineer this turnaround.

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Leroy M. Ball steers Koppers in a new direction with...

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John J. Engel doubled down on WESCO’s customers in a market slowdown

During a downturn, WESCO looks to super-serve its customers — take a larger share even if they spend less. John J. Engel also used the slowdown to right size and drive productivity.

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John J. Engel doubled down on WESCO’s customers in a...


Five mistakes nonprofits should avoid in their next RFP

Many nonprofits follow the request for proposals process when choosing their service providers, but missteps along the way can derail the system. Beware of these common errors in the RFP process, says Gallagher’s Ryan Brandt.

The Bermuda Triangle of HR law: What employers need to know

Some employee absence events may trigger not just one law, but the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and state workers’ compensation laws. Linda Croushore and Jeffrey Swaney of WorkPartners share what employers can do about this overlap.

The advantages of taking work breaks to boost productivity

We’re all guilty of not taking enough breaks at work — or any at all — which drains our mental capacity and lowers productivity. Doug Fleisner of JRG Advisors discusses the benefits of stepping away from your computer.

Planning and consideration for executives near retirement

An executive's peak earning years can be sweet, but they can also be short. Robert Klug, regional executive at The Huntington Private Bank, discusses the retirement challenges facing the C-level.

How to successfully set yourself up to grow globally

The internet has made going global easier, but an abundance of information isn't a stand-in for situational due diligence. Jim Altman of Huntington Bank shares how to build a network of advisers who can help assemble your foreign market strategy.