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Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2017 Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Celebrate the dynamic entrepreneurs who are propelling us forward toward a brighter future, including these winners and finalists from Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2017 Western Pennsylvania...

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#1 Cochran evolves to customer expectations, pushing others to follow suit

#1 Cochran, considered the automotive retail leader in Western Pennsylvania, stays true to its culture of innovation as the industry changes.

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#1 Cochran evolves to customer expectations, pushing...

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Commit to growthParagon Foods invests in its people for the well-being of all

Paragon Food's Elaine Bellin has invested in her people. It was her greatest challenge and also her greatest opportunity to encourage Paragon’s growth.

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Paragon Foods invests in its people for the well-being...

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A creative business solution guides Knichel Logistics to success

Running a family business like Knichel Logistics presents a unique set of challenges, but the ability to be creative and flexible can be beneficial.

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A creative business solution guides Knichel Logistics...


How to identify health conditions and costs within your workforce

Today’s health care environment is riddled with complex plan designs and rigorous government regulations. There is a new strategy and technology, however, that enables employers to identify risk, influence behavior and ultimately control costs. JRG Advisors' Aaron Ochs explains.

Sitting is the new smoking: How to fit activity into your workday

Research is clear that sitting for long periods of time each day over many years can increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, higher levels of stress, as well as neck and lower-back pain. Dr. William Shrank, chief medical officer at UPMC Health Plan, shares why many experts are saying, “sitting is the new smoking.”

How to efficiently manage your technology assets

Technology has created an imperative for companies to carefully track their endpoint devices to ensure they are updated with the most recent software. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman discusses ways companies can manage their technology assets throughout their lifespan.

How to stay compliant when growing into foreign markets

Foreign jurisdictions have legal systems that are becoming much more sophisticated. Walter R. “Bob” Bashaw II of Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C. discusses common mistakes made by companies as they pursue growth in foreign markets, and how to structure compliance departments.

As oil and gas picks up, insurance increases should be scrutinized

Drillers, suppliers and others connected to Marcellus Shale are hiring again, says Taylor Troiano, area vice president at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. But as revenues go up, workers are hired and equipment is running again, insurance premiums will increase as well.