Put it in writing

Q. How do you stay diligent
about writing in your journal?

Buy the most expensive one.
It will challenge you to fill it up
with good things. It forces me
to write everything down and
make sure that I have to come
up with good things every day
to stick in there.

Putting my personal goals
inside the front cover, it keeps
me grounded. It just makes sure
that I don’t lose sight of the
things that are important to me,
my family and my children and
some of my personal aspirations.

One of the reasons I come to
work every day is to get to
those goals. It’s a tangible,
fixed thing.

Q. How does your attention
to documentation help your

I’ll give a departmental briefing and detailed minutes will be
taken. The managers at my
meeting will then turn around
and take the message from my
meeting and have their own
meeting to make sure those
messages are communicated

Every one of my departmental
staffers has to take minutes, and
the minutes are kept on file. We
have registers to every meeting.

That makes sure that everyone that is in that meeting, they
sign in. When the minutes are
taken, they would be held
accountable for the messages
that are given in those meetings.
The minutes are always available for everyone to pick up off
the intranet. That includes our
management meeting, as well.
I’ll ask them if things got taken
care of.

From a feedback level, we set
up performance review documents. We set goals, and we
measure those goals week on
week for the managers. They
know exactly what it is they are
supposed to be doing versus
what the business expects of
them versus what they are actually doing.

I have one-on-one meetings
with every single one of my
direct reports to review where
they are at for the week, to
review their production review
documents and to make sure
we are numerically quantifying
exactly what it is they are supposed to be doing. We measure
that against their targets.

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