Corvette enthusiasts await debut of 2014 model

DETROIT, Mon Jan 14, 2013 — Members of America’s Corvette Club can’t wait to see General Motors Corp.’s 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, the first new Corvette in nine years, which the automaker will unveil this week at the annual Detroit auto show.

The seventh generation Corvette, called C7 by fans of the iconic American sportscar, has a front-mounted engine and a shape like a race car. GM showed it to the media on Sunday and will make pictures and video available to the public.

But 100 members of the Corvette Club from southeastern Michigan are counting the hours until January 19, when GM will give them a chance to see and touch the car an hour before the doors of the auto show are opened to the public, said social director Peter Shilland, who owns an exclusive 2009 Corvette Callaway edition.

“We want to hear from the engineers and see how far they’ve come with the C7,” said Shilland, a former GM employee.

The car has been has been redesigned from the ground up and goes on sale next summer.

Dan Akerson, GM chief executive officer, said the Corvette is a “halo car” that will draw buyers to the Chevrolet brand, which accounted for 71 percent of the company’s U.S. sales in 2012.

Akerson said the Corvette is indicative of the risks the company is willing to take with its new products and called the new Corvette “a balanced risk.”

Chevy says 2014 Corvette will debut in January

DETROIT, Thu Oct 18, 2012 – An all-new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette, the seventh generation of the uniquely American sports car in six decades, will make its debut Jan. 13 on the eve of the North American International Auto Show, General Motors’ Chevrolet brand said on Thursday.

Eagerly awaited by auto enthusiasts, the new Corvette – dubbed C7 by the faithful but known to GM and its suppliers by the development code Y1X – is widely expected to have a radically restyled exterior, a more upscale interior, a lighter chassis, and a more efficient engine and transmission.

There will be a 6-month gap between the 2014 Corvette new C7 and the current C6 version, a Chevrolet spokesman said in an email. GM will stop building the 2013 model in early February, and is due to start producing the 2014 model in volume in July.

The first of the new C7 Corvettes is expected to roll off the line in Bowling Green on June 30 – 60 years to the day that the first 1953 model was produced, according to two suppliers familiar with the automaker’s plans but are not authorized to speak on behalf of GM.

The C7’s formal unveiling in mid-January also marks the anniversary of the Corvette’s debut in January 1953 as a GM Motorama “dream car” concept in New York. Since then, GM has built and sold more than 1.5 million Corvettes, although annual sales have slowed in recent years as higher vehicle prices, rising fuel and insurance costs, and growing competition from Europe and Asia have eroded its once fiercely loyal owner base.