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We are excited to announce the debut of our new and exclusive knowledge sharing initiative. Smart Business and SBN Interactive have developed the Thought Leadership Council for the sole purpose to collect and distribute knowledge from our business leaders to other business leaders and create community in our publication.

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Smart Business Network, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the nation’s largest publishers of local management journals. It has been recognized as one of the “99 Best Companies to Work for in Northeast Ohio,” twice honored as one of the 25 fastest growing companies in the region, and recognized for its unique business model in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. Smart Business has also received scores of awards in journalism, being named the best business publication in Ohio by the prestigious Society of Professional Journalists and the Cleveland Press Club three times in the last 10 years.

Since its start in 1989, Smart Business has evolved into a dynamic, fast-growing multimedia company with several divisions. Under its Magazines & Events Division, Smart Business publishes local management journals that deliver insight, advice and strategy to senior executives in 17 top U.S. markets, including Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta and Dallas. It also brings executives together face-to-face with senior-level networking events and luncheons around the country. The Content Marketing Division provides a full range of custom content marketing solutions, including print and digital magazines, ebooks, enewsletters, websites and marketing collateral.

Smart Business prides itself on being a family-first organization with a strong corporate culture. The company provides lunch for employees every Monday, often around themes with accompanying games and contests. Previous company outings have included golf scrambles, Indians baseball games and trips to the Cleveland Zoo. For smaller breaks during the workweek, employees shoot hoops, throw darts or practice on a putting green inside the office.

Smart Business frequently promotes from within, and several employees have been with the company for 15 years or more. However, the company’s recent growth has included bringing in new talent as well. The result is a dynamic mix of expertise and innovation.

For more information on careers at Smart Business, contact the following individuals:

For editorial careers: Publisher and Executive Editor Dustin S. Klein.

For sales careers: Vice President of Sales Melissa Gottlieb.

For content marketing careers: President and COO Mike Marzec.

For graphic design careers: Design Director Jim Mericsko.

For all other careers: Office Administrator Jill Brown.

The ABCs of Change and embracing good cardiovascular practices

Patricia Adams, CEO, Zeitgeist Expressions

Human beings find comfort in routine. As children, we gain a sense of security from knowing what will happen, when it will happen, for how long and how we are expected to react to each situation. As we mature, knowing that home and family will be where we left them allows us to go out and explore the world as young adults, secure in the knowledge that we can always come home if we need. However, as we age, this penchant for sticking to the routine can work to our detriment.

We begin to settle in at home more and more, often opting to camp in front of the television rather than venture into a new neighborhood or to try a new vocation. Our sedentary ways can have damaging health consequences, most significantly for that muscle that drives the body: the heart. To stay strong, the heart needs daily movement that includes periodic challenges (to force it to pump more oxygen than normal), foods that declog blood vessels and keep them flexible, limited preservatives and refined foods, and regular activities that relieve stress. But, once sedentary, inertia can make it seem as if changing our habits is an insurmountable task.

However, with concerted effort in three areas, what I call affect, behavior: and cognition – the ABCs of Change – we can break the cycle and embrace good cardiovascular practices.

First, start by tracking your moods, your activities and your thoughts in relation to heart-healthy activities such as walking, jogging or any other activity that works up a sweat. Jot down on paper how you are feeling and what you are thinking at the moment when you decide to engage in any act that undermines your heart.

Next, write down how you will change your behavior each time you feel yourself slipping into the unhealthy mindsets that precede unhealthy behaviors. Now, write down what things inspire you to get up and move or to make heart-healthy decisions.

Then, commit to doing at least one heart healthy activity each day and to modifying your environment as needed each time you feel yourself sliding into unhealthy practices.

Last, give yourself time. Generally, it takes 21 days of repeat activity to develop a new habit; however, you may slip up. They key is to review your strategy and recommit each time you fall. Ultimately, your heart will be the better for it.

Patricia Adams is the CEO of Zeitgeist Expressions and the author of “ABCs of Change: Three Building Blocks to Happy Relationships.” In 2011, she was named one of Ernst & Young LLP’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women, one of Enterprising Women Magazine’s Enterprising Women of the Year Award and the SBA’s Small Business Person of the Year for Region VI. Her company, Zeitgeist Wellness Group, offers a full-service Employee Assistance Program to businesses in the San Antonio region. For more information, visit