2013 Pacesetter – Mid-sized – HRV Conformance Verification Associates Inc.

H. Rochelle Stachel is one of the first women to work in the male-dominated industry of steel mills and chemical plants. As such, Stachel understands the importance of having a support structure in place in order to achieve one’s goals.

This “serving leader” philosophy is a clear reflection of HRV Conformance Verification Associates Inc., an innovative materials and construction inspection company that puts people first.

As founder and CEO of HRV, Stachel has grown the company from its humble beginnings out of the basement of her home into a multimillion-dollar venture that has become a mainstay of the region with significant presence in the industry.

Under her leadership, HRV revolutionized normal company structure and how companies marketed themselves in the materials and construction inspection services industry. HRV’s methodology was to develop a local presence within the market by hiring local inspectors, while having expert project managers work directly with the customer and the inspectors.

The project managers bring a product line expertise while providing oversight to the local inspectors. The project managers are critical to HRV’s business model as they are the face of the company and supervise the local inspectors. HRV also developed a local presence at the manufacturing facilities for materials providing pre-fabrication inspections. This helps to limit the amount of post fabrication issues.

The local workforce provided HRV a competitive advantage over the competition as customers were required to give notice of at least 48-hours before receiving inspection services. HRV has the ability to have inspectors onsite overnight if required.

Under Stachel’s direction, the company’s business model focuses on providing a high-quality service at a competitive cost.


How to reach: HRV Conformance Verification Associates Inc., (412) 788-2522 or www.hrvinc.com


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