Addressing the change

The 2010 Evolution of Manufacturing event took place February 18, 2010. The event, brought about by Smart Business, Hyland Software and a group of manufacturing-friendly sponsors, featured awards honoring 11 organizations that have taken the concept of evolving toward a new business reality to heart.

During the event Smart Business had the opportunity to sit down with several honorees and attendees for video interviews to discuss how to adapt a business for change. Below are some of the videos from the Smart Business YouTube channel.

Richard N. Seaman, the president and CEO of Seaman Corp., talked about how to create a strategic planning process that helps keep a company ready to act.

Rick Haines, the president and CEO of AultCare, shared some ideas on preparing a company for change.

John Spirk and John Nottingham, co-presidents of Nottingham Spirk Design, described how a leader can evolve a business over time.

Matt Hlavin, the president of Thogus Product Cos., discussed how to focus on the next generation of employee to evolve your business.

Photos from the event can be viewed on facebook. More photos will be added later this month.

Smart Business also caught up with several of the honorees and sponsors at the VIP luncheon for the event earlier this month.

Bruce Hendrick, the president and CEO of RBB Systems Inc., talked about facing the reality of a changing business landscape.

Elizabeth Barry, the president of Delta Systems Inc., discussed how you have to be ready for change at any time.

Michael Knoblauch, the president of DVUV LLC, talked about how important it is to build your business on speed.

Jim Carulas, the CEO of Meaden & Moore, explained how a changing landscape means you need to be out in front of your customers.  

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